CNC Press Brake Forming

Budde Sheet Metal Works, Inc. utilizes the latest in CNC forming with TRUMPF's TrumaBend V Series hydraulic CNC press brakes. They are synonymous with flexible, efficient and effective part bending. TRUMPF's unique die shifting feature along with an intelligent 5-axis back-gauge, and options like ACB ® (Automatically Controlled Bending) makes the V Series the premier press brakes in the industry.

Our two Trumpf "V" series CNC press brakes with 5 axis back gages gives Buddes the ability to rapidly set up multiple tool stations that may be required for a complex forming operation utilizing European "segmented" style press brake tooling. The brakes CNC controllers also allow us to "save" these complex job configurations so that the customer’s parts will be consistent through the product life cycle. The last part will be the same as the first part we produced, whether it's during the current production run or a year from now.

Current press brakes utilized:

  • Trumpf TruBend 7036 (see right column photo)
    40 ton with a 40" bed length
  • Trumpf TrumaBend V85
    95 ton with a 81" bed length
  • Trumpf TrumaBend V170
    190 ton with a 161" bed length
  • AccurPress 7608
    60 ton with a 72" bed length
  • Cincinnati (Mechanical)
    150 ton with a 120" bed length

Trumpf Trubend 7036 Press Brake


Among the additional tried and true press brakes we offer, the newest press brake in our arsenal is the Trumpf TrueBend 7036. This press brake is currently the fastest bending machine on the market, allowing us the ability to turn over our finished product to you in less time. We take pride in staying at the forefront of manufacturing and giving you the best product possible in the most efficent way possible.

• Press Force:         40 tons

• Bending Length:   40"

• Y-axis Precision:   0.00008"

• X-axis Precision:   0.0008"

• R-axis Precision:   0.0008".

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